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Will NEVER buy Overprice and sub-quality Columbia junk again!

Bought my wife a pair of snow boots lat the end of last season/late spring. She wore them a couple of times and cleaned and returned them to the closet for storage.

This season, lo and behold, they have crumbled and where the uppers join the lower rubber has separated (looks like they were simply gluedand the stitching is fake and is sewn along the very edge of the upper!)

NO response from Columbia customer support...

they have lost me as a customer forever. Wouldnt even buy a pair of skivvies from them ever again! Columbia USED TO sell decent quality products- not any more!

Nothing but a bunch of Chinese crap anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Columbia Sportswear Bugazip Boots.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Boots until they fell apart.

I didn't like: Fact that the boots fell apart.

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I have had this same thing happen to 2 pair of boots now. One pair I wore a few times snowmobiling....

packed them away for summer. Pulled them out of the box out of the closet...went to walk in them and they cracked. Another pair brand new purchased the end of the season before, went to walk out the door in them and same thing they cracked all apart. One boot each time.

Oddest thing. I have a 3rd pair brand new and I am afraid to wear them this winter.


This isn't the norm for Columbia products. I have a pair of their snow boots that I've had for MANY years & they still look new.

I don't know how you got them to crack like that. But they must've been mistreated in some way.

to Amber #1479420

Things have changed since the good old days!

to Amber #1574250

Columbia's quality has dropped significantly! They're buying from lowest Chinese bidder and the current state of quality shows it..

There was NO abuse of these boots! Simply wiped/cleaned with Dawn dish soap & water and stored in the coat closet inside the house. THAT's IT! Others have the same problem.

Perhaps it didnt happen 10 years ago when they were a quality outfit that stood behind their products, now they're just another sham multinational conglomerate screwing the unwary consumer.

Never again. They're on my "avoid" list- not another dime is going their way- period!


That's why they had that funny smell when new and now the rubber is brittle and the glue has failed of its own accord...where did you store them ? -- there's an awful lot of yuck on the bottoms.

to Buck #1479419

WHO MAKES THEIR JUNK? I would sure like to know, because It has got so bad!

They need to find people who know how to use a sowing-machine. Good grief !

to MonkeyBuisness #1574267

Their junk is made by the lowest bidder of low bidders! That's how the Chinese dump their garbage without polluting their environment!

Those are the same Chinese lowlife that put Melamine (a chemical that is toxic and mimics protein in assays) in dog food that killed countless dogs here in the USA. The stuff is cheap and fools the the certification process. Look at your daily vitamin pills... made in China??

If it only says "distributed by" and a US company, it's probably more crap being sent to the US. How can they make stuff for pennies and still make a profit?? Gotta cut costs somewhere! Substitute crap for quality ingredients (shoe rubber, nutrients, etc...

it doesnt matter to them!) As long as it lasts the prerequesit 30- 90 days or so- to get through their waranty period! After that: "So solly!")

to Buck #1574258

That "yuck" is light reflections from the camera flash and dog hair (2 shedding long hair German Shepherds!) There is no slime or "schmutz" there. They were stored in the coat closet in the foyer together with all the other winter clothes (my Sorells, Snowmobile boots, coats and gloves etc.) Anyone who has dogs that shed know that the dog hair everywhere- including (somehow) in the back of closets! Guess those fur "tumbleweeds" get everywhere- but it shouldnt destroy or degrade the boots- tops or bottoms- and you can see the bottoms are OK and the uppers self destructed!

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