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I bought a pair of Columbia "Titanium" winter boots which feature a waterproof rubber front toe that is sewn to the leather upper material.

The weak point of these boots is exactly that seam between the rubber front and the leather: After just a few weeks of wear in frosty conditions, the SEAM CAME APART on BOTH BOOTS !!!

As a consequence, I now have a big gap on both boots just where snow and ice accumulate on top of the boot and water easily penetrates the boot - I constantly have wet feet !!!

What a *** boot !!!!!

Don't buy this product !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Same. Splits at rubber/leather seam AND on the sides at flex point (which is ironic because these are by far the stiffest boots I've owned)..

Boots worn a handful of times, soles like new. I've had (and still have) Columbia boots that are indestructible except for the worn soles.

Those are completely fabric (some sort of gortex I think). I thought these Bugabootres would be the same.....


After just a few uses, the same thing happened to one of my boots. Due to infrequent snowfall, this happened a year after purchase, so it's out of warranty. Thanks for the absolutely terrible product, Columbia!


I had the same thing happen to my Columbia boots, but only on ONE BOOT!

Montrose, Colorado, United States #1263139

My Columbia Titaniums are going in the trash can. Came apart in the front and and on the sides.

Stick to Sorels, I still have my Sorel boots from the 80's with no problems. Gunnison, Co

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada #1262625

I also have the same problem. They look great but for the price should not fall apart.

Shame on Columbia for making shoddy equiplenty and not replacing them for us. Mickey Rostoker in Canmore, Alberta.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1222459

I will never buy a Columbia product again in my life! I wore my boots 5 times and they are doing the same exact thing.

Columbia shame on you for not backing your *** made over sees product and screwing your customers over. Never ever again

to Anonymous East Saint Louis, Illinois, United States #1243981

Mine just totally came apart also. Women's boots worn maybe 12 times as most. Columbia didn't back and I also put a review on this site.

Frederick, Maryland, United States #1180525

I agree that these boots are useless. Both boots cracked at the rubber junction as well of both boots separated on the back at the junction of the rubber and leather.

When I contacted Columbia all they wanted to do was give me a 15% discount on my next purchase. They were not interested in accepting the pictures I wanted to send but kept sending me emails to rate their customer service. What service?

From what I see on the web this is a common problem with these boots. I recommend NOT dealing with Columbia ever again.


Me too this is a defect. This is not stitching coming apart, this is the material stitched together tearing apart

Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, United States #961699

Mine too. Call and get return address, they replaced mine free in about 6 weeks

Randolph, Massachusetts, United States #942543

,I have the same problem with my boots in customer service will not do anything for me

Chicago, Illinois, United States #940503

Mine are a while lot worse and I've only worn them about 25 times for snowmobiling and walking the dog. I wish I was able to post pictures to show you.

They said lifetime warranty on outer wear.

But boots aren't considered outer wear. He said I can pay to ship them probably to have them tell me they won't cover them.

Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States #934656

I also have had a bad experience with Columbia Titanium boots; same problem with splitting and cracking above the toe along the rubber/leather seam. I got no satisfaction from the warranty process. I will not buy Columbia products.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #902309

I also have a pair of Titanium boots where the rubber broke apart from the leather uppers and then started breaking apart. They where great boots otherwise.

They are beyond the one year warranty, so there is no point in fighting Columbia. All I can recommend is don't buy Columbia.


I have a pair with the rubber splitting in a few places even though the rest of the boots are in great shape. I called Columbia and they told me even though there had been a batch with bad rubber there was a one year warranty. Mine were more than a year old.

Union, Kentucky, United States #769831

I purchased a pair of Columbia Titanium boots (size 15) for the purpose of hiking the Colorado National Forrest. Longs Peak in January is formidable. The Columbia Titanium boot handled the deep snow easily. Even in the low temps my feet stayed warm with the support of nice wool socks.

I have only worn the Titanium boots less than ten times (too heavy and warm for normal rock hiking.

Yesterday I went outside to get the mail (polar vortex -7). When I arrived back indoors I noticed the rubber portion of the boot had cracked and continued to crack. I thought this boot would last a lifetime.

Camden, New Jersey, United States #758854

We have had two pairs of Columbia winter boots fail and basically come apart at the seams within the first year of purchase. Definitely not offering quality products anymore.

Extremely disatisfied customers. Do you want to be next?

Rochester, New York, United States #605024

I had a pair of similar boots split on the vinyl. I complained to Columbia & they sent me a replacement pair with no problems.



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